SkyFireOS Info

This article is an archive. They might have been out-dated.

openPine OS is an open source. All of its resources, softwares and applications built was meant for everyone. openPine OS was built based on GNU OpenSource.The first creator is Fariz Luqman, which is from Malaysia. He was testing Windows 95 and MS-DOS fuctions and try to make a new operating system that is better then Windows 95 and MS-DOS. His first openPine OS is version 0.0.1, which contains very limited shell with its host os, 2FZ-DOS 0.1 that is in alpha mode. He keeps researching until he found the first version of openPine OS 0.3.1 that is fully functional. But the full version of host OS will be uploaded later since it compatibility is being tested until today. Until today, he always keep researching and updating the system till version 3.0.0 is finally released.

An moreover, its entirely softwares and systems were opensources and was built by many peoples around the world. You can also create your own softwareby joining this group.openPine OS is build using C and C++ compile scripts. You can modify this script and develop your own C++ library and GUI interface.

You can also reproduce the software with given C++ compile scripts.openPine OS was built especially for X86 Processor Architecture based CPUs, X64, Amiga, Scott 985 and above, Via Cyrix 356-5900i, PowerPC and others. SkyFire Operating System needs a 32bit processor type to execute, means that the modern cpus, such as dual core, quad core, Intel i7 and AMD 3000+ and above was not yet supported.

openPine OS also support old sound cards, vga cards and a med-res and low-res computers. It will also run under MS-DOS 7.1 with an old GUI interface.

It comes with 2FZ-DOS 0.1.9 which is in Alpha mode, means that it was not strong enough to support multimedia video and audio playing. The full version off 2FZ-DOS is 1.0.0, that will be published in 2.1.2010.This operating system was recommended to replace MS-DOS 7.0 or Windows 95, because openPine OS supports USB drive, Modem, and LAN connections. We also include an Office Suite 1.0, and SIMP 1.0. Multimedia player were also included in SopenPine OS. We also include HotPlug 0.2.7 that will maintain the system stability in configuring devices.