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Latest Development (Newest published version)

SkyFireOS 0.1.4a (Revision A) + Games (Bootable CD)
Loaded with SkyFireOS 0.1.4a, and exists in only Live CD version. Contain supported Games for SkyFireOS (Many games)
SkyFireOS 0.1.4a (Revision A) + OpenPine GUI (Bootable CD)
It is a bootable ISO image, burn to a CD and boot. Contain SkyFireOS 0.1.4a (Revision A) capable of running on DOS. SkyFireOS 0.1.4 can run on DOS using virtualization, High Memory (HIMEM), CWSDPMI v7 (DPMI Host), and EMM386. OpenPine GUI will automatically started.

SkyFireOS 0.1.4a (Revision A) + OpenPine GUI
(For Windows)
Virtualization on Windows 9x, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows 7 is also supported (Disable UAC - User Account Control). Support large width and high color.

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  • johndoe-betterperformance-v8
  • awesomedave-rendermng-chromium
  • josephwellington-cobolinfortran

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